Mechatronics is the engineering field, a combination of major subfields i.e. mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering and control engineering. With the advancements in technology, the number of subfields multiply. Mechatronics engineers find ways to solve problem looking into every branch of science that is the reason why it has grown up so early after it’s introduction. Recently to subfields i.e. telecommunications engineering and systems engineering are also included in this field.
  • Advanced Mechatronics – 10 Days
  • Basic design of FTC Control System, Including pneumatic, mechanics and electrical
  • Input and output module task
  • The three programming languages : FCH, LDR & STL
  • Basic command set for FEC
  • Creating, loading and testing simple programs
  • Using Status Display
  • Signal Storage
  • PLC Timer
  • Archiving and Dearchiving PLC Programs
  • Extension of basic knowledge in FEC, including pneumatics, mechanics and electrical.
  • Structure Programming
  • Sequencing Chain Programming in STL
  • Reading and Standardizing analogues values
  • Using different organizational modules
  • Creating and using data modules
  • Variable declaration in function modules and functions
  • Use of standard and system function modules.
  • Use of IEC modules from the library

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